New opportunities to get active with The Great Outdoor Gym Company

A new initiative from the Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO) is encouraging people to get fit in outdoor gyms and open spaces whilst providing evidence based value to local authorities. It combines a smart gym app with smart technology and trains local activators to encourage more people into outdoor fitness routines.

Smart gym technology for service users and providers

The company has launched the Activate app, which helps people to locate one of the hundreds of outdoor gyms across the UK. Once at the outdoor gym, users can log and track their workout and share the information with friends.

Smart data measures usage of the equipment and provides empirical data for local authorities helping to make the case for retaining and protecting their parks and open spaces. Georgie Delaney, managing director of TGO says in this way the model “gives back to councils, demonstrating the value and increased usage of the nation’s parks without putting further strain on resources”.

Providing employment pathways

The company is looking to partner with local people who regularly use their local park and outdoor gym, training them up to become activators who inspire others to start outdoor workouts. The training is designed to give local people a pathway to employment while helping to encourage better use of parks and green spaces.

A sustainable model

The equipment installed in over 1,000 TGO outdoor gyms to date is constructed from recycled materials. Activity on sites generates energy that charges phones, lights and even buildings.

The Big Community Workout

TGO plans to activate parks each week with an inclusive programme called The Big Community Workout. Free and family friendly, the session offers an inclusive full body workout and even includes litter picking to clean up the park.

Working to make London the most active city in the world

TGO has also teamed up with London Sport to help more Londoners to benefit from active lives by supporting local authorities to develop new outdoor gyms in the capital’s parks and outdoor spaces.

“As the nation’s most populous city, London faces particular challenges around the availability and use of space for play and activity. This partnership will help us to explore innovative ways to make new use of new and existing outdoor spaces, and hopefully contribute to a long-term increase in physical activity levels across the capital” said Matt Roebuck, London Sport relationship manager at London Sport.


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